Being human came with a new body, a new way of thinking, and countless possibilities. He could finally feel the flesh of another on his own. Finally know what it feels like to have the sun beating down on his neck.

It also comes with raw, primal urges. Everywhere he looked was another stupid human, going about their daily lives, unaware of the wolf among them. He was constantly hearing reports of people vanishing without a trace - what would be a few more?

           A few hours later, he stands over a dead young woman, a smile forming on his features.
           His intention since he’d lain eyes on her was to dissect her - to become intimately
           familiar with her anatomy.

           Her abdomen sits open, the skin and muscle pulled back and pinned to the metal table
           on which she rests. He reaches in and pulls out her small intestine, which he holds up to
           the light.

"I wonder what’s inside…" He lifts the coil of innards to his nose and sniffs, immediately having to fight a wave of nausea.

"Excuse me, sir," Gabriel chirped as he appeared at the head of the metal table with a cheery smile on his face ,"I couldn’t help but sense a bit of insanity coming from your place and I thought I might stop by."

Gabe circled around the table, and stood behind Thay. He rested his chin on his shoulder and laid his hands over Thay’s. “mmm…this sure is fun…are you having fun?”

I very strongly desire to do an asylum rp.


A deranged laugh sounds from behind the Doctor. “You rang?” Gabe whispered in his ear as he circled around the time lord to stand before him. The boy took the man’s bloody fist into his hand and silently removed a shard of glass, a triumphant smirk playing on his lips.


Gabriel shrugged and leaned back against the wall, playing with the shard of glass in his hand. “I don’t know any more about this than you do, old man. I didn’t even know where I was until you told me. One second I was enjoying my reflection in Natalie’s bathroom mirror, which should have been MINE,” Gabe paused to lower his voice and change expression from furious back to neutral, “the next I’m here with you.”

"I can see you down there, you know…"

Dr. Madden: You say he's 18 now. Isn't that when kids move out? Isn't it time to let him go?
Gabe: I came out to have a good time torturing my family and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

It was a complex, dark role. I didn’t get the notices because I was pretty. I wasn’t the leading man. I wasn’t a love interest. It wasn’t for those things. It was for my acting and singing abilities. It put me in a different arena.”


My favorite bits from musicals~ 5/500


"Cause what doesn’t kill me doesn’t kill me
So fill me up for just another day.”





"Serious question, don’t laugh… who am I?”